June 13, 2014
Figure 001: The first of many BTR Certificates since filing a fictitious business name in 1993. Note the classification of Graphic Design as "Other Businesses." By the government's standards we will always be outsiders.

Welcome to our new site. It’s very hard to believe that I’ve thrived for 21 years practicing a craft that I love. There were so many paths averted: architecture, fine art, museum installation, and yes, truck driving, but in many ways they all led right here. Exhale, take a deep breath, blink, and 21 years of design flashes past. Along the way, we’ve had the good fortune of collaborating with supremely talented people; our work is influenced, shaped, and improved by their valuable friendship, wisdom and guidance. I’m not feeling nostalgic, but as we continue to build new relationships with clients, and help people give form to their ideas and dreams, I wanted to take this opportunity to mark a moment in time and thank everyone who has helped shape Boon.

Over the years many inquisitive people have asked why I selected the name Boon. The simple version: I’ve seen the word used in print my entire reading life, but when I first listened to Joseph Campbell speak to Bill Moyers about The Power of Myth, Campbell’s use of the word transcended the meaning I had previously understood. In the context of mythology, Boon is the ultimate blessing.

If you want to discuss a project, feel free to get in touch. Until then we will continue to post conspicuously at this business location.